Version 1.70.1226.8360 (beta) (2/17/2013)

! To download beta version hold Ctrl key while clicking 'Check for updates...' button
  on About dialog box
+ Added SHA3-224, SHA3-256, SHA3-384, SHA3-512 (Keccak) hash functions
! Changed name of functions SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512 to SHA2-224, SHA2-256,
  SHA2-384, SHA2-512
+ Added command line switch /R to switch application to use the system registry for
  saving application settings. Switch /R- switch application to previous state and
  remove all settings from the registry
! Changed command line switch for MD6 function. Use the format MD6(d,K,L,r)
  e.g. "HashCodes_x86.exe /H:MD5,MD6(512)". All parameters are optional
+ Added command line switch for HAVAL function. Use the format HAVAL(l,p),
  where l means hash length in bits and p means number of rounds
  e.g. "HashCodes_x86.exe /H:MD5,HAVAL(224)". All parameters are optional
! Fixed issue with language interface


Version 1.62.780.7200 (11/30/2011)

! Fixed problem with loading the wrong language interface
+ Added Italian interface
  Command line switch to force run the program in Italian interface is IT
  e.g. "HashCodes_x86.exe /lang:it" runs program with Italian interface


Version 1.60.622.8200 (6/25/2011)

! Fixed crash on machines with removeable devices attached on SATA interface
+ The main window is always on top by default. Useful for drag and drop operations
  You can change this option by clicking right mouse button on the title bar
+ The main window can be resizing
+ Added checking for updates and downloading new version option
+ Added Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Spanish interface
  Command line switch to force run the program in Chinese (Simplified) interface is zh-CHS,
  Chinese (Traditional) interface is zh-CHT, and Spanish interface is ES
  e.g. "HashCodes_x86.exe /lang:zn-chs" runs program with Chinese (Simplified) interface


Version (7/7/2010)

Version (6/17/2010)

Version (1/17/2010)

Version (12/21/2009)

Version 1.1.910.25220 (10/25/2009)

Version 1.0.910.19210 (10/19/2009)